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If you are already a Dipleague member, and you need to change the email address at which you receive and send Dipleague messages, please supply your details below.

Important Notice: Dipleague no longer allows members to use free email accounts from Yahoo, Hotmail, Gmail etc.

If you are currently subscribed to Dipleague using such an address, you can now instantly create a FREE @ZOL email address, which will automatically replace your current Dipleague subscription.

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Now, you can create a FREE ZOL email account.

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  • You can use it for all your other emails
  • You can have it forwarded to your other address, if you like
  • You can access it from anywhere over the web
  • You can access your email for free from any ZOLspot

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Your new address is not permitted to join Dipleague.

It's nothing personal - we have just had a lot of similar addresses abusing Dipleague.

We are truly sorry for the inconvenience. Please obtain a corporate or 'professional' address from your ISP or employer.


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