[Dipleague] Houses To Let

joanah joanah at taurai.co.zw
Mon Jan 2 14:51:13 CAT 2012

Emeraldhill, 3 Beds 
Eastlea 2 Beds
Mabelreign 3 Roomed Cottage
Hatfield, along airport Rd, 2 bed cottage, preferably small family 
Malbrough East 2 Beds 
Malbrough East 2 Beds
Borrowdale house to share
Bedsitter Borrowdale 
Hatfield, House to share
Mabelregn 1 roomed cottage
Msasa Park, Bed Sitter 
Greendale 2 roomed cottage
Strathaven Wing 
Helensville 4 Rooms
Bluffhill Full House to share

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