[Dipleague] ******* Double your Christmas bonus - Invest in a solar Geyser

Neil Brown neil at soundsolar.net
Tue Jan 3 12:44:32 CAT 2012


*** Invest in one of our solar geysers - provide constant hot water for your
family & see your money back in reduced Zesa bills!


Our solar Geysers are very efficient glass tube type with stainless steel
inner & outer tanks & frames for very long working life. They are available
in gravity or pressure types.. They include a header tank to control the
flow of cold water into the tank. They are made for us in the far east by a
company with ISO accreditation & meet applicable EU specifications.


Installation is fairly straightforward - anyone with basic DIY skills will
be able to do it by following the step -by - step instructions provided. We
can offer an installation service for around $250 depending on geyser size &
existing plumbing - quotations available on request.


Electric backup element available for all models @ an extra $50


We have a demo unit for you to come & see the quality - call or e-mail for


Sizes & prices below.


Gravity Series - Stainless Steel Tanks


85 Litres                $575

150 Litres             $825

200 Litres             $1150

300 Litres             $1695


Pre - Heated Pressurised  - Stainless Steel Tanks - Up to 6 Bar 200 Litres


All prices include VAT @ 15%


Have a look at www.soundsolar.net <http://www.soundsolar.net/>  and choose
solar water heating.


Neil Brown

Sound Solar (pvt) Ltd

Cell: +263 775188365

Landline: +263 - 4 - 499772

e-mail: neil at soundsolar.net

website: www.soundsolar.net <http://www.soundsolar.net/> 


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