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Tue Jan 3 12:49:01 CAT 2012

Hi Dips, hope you are enjoying your holidays as we are?

A new opportunity to start off the new by capturing your intended markets. A new magazine is going to be rolled out starting with a February edition. Here is the good news; YOUR ADVERT IS PLACED IN FOR FREE, Yes for free.

To place an ad, kindly note the following:
- State your company contact details such as contact names, phone numbers, office (physical), email and web addresses and any other contact means.
- E-mail back an image with your ad. Please do state your ad size. Sizes range from A4 (full page), A5, A6 and text based. 
- Once your information is received, we will send you a sample page with your ad for your approval before publication.
- Also state your business sector, such as IT, Agriculture, Arts and Culture, Motoring, etc.

Take this chance and inform all you can about this opportunity.

Email back responses to: jpgardner at gmx.com
                                             beagardner at gmx.com
                                             info at jobeah.co.zw
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