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Tendai Mrewa Mverechena tendaimr at kingdom.co.zw
Tue Jan 3 16:37:01 CAT 2012

I am selling the following

1.      Slimming tea –Helps control obesity , improves digestion, accelerates metabolism and promotes regularity ($14)
2.      Slimming Belt – ($130)
3.      Spirulina – Anti Anaemia, anti-fatigue and to build stamina ($24)
4.      Antilipemic Tea –  detoxifying the body, anti-aging, regulates blood pressure($10)
5.      Detox Kit- detoxifying the body, prevents constipation, anti- cancer, stabilizes blood sugar & Reduces cholesterol. ($56)
6.      Chitosan – for those with piles and prevents constipation ($30)
7.      Cordyceps Mycelium Capsules ($40) strengthens immunity & resistance to all infectious diseases, acts as a natural antibiotic. Suitable for regular smokers, weak & low immunity , coughing people and asthmatic pple
8.      Beauty Capsules ($35)  prevents skins diseases such as chloasma and eczema, regulates menstruation and rejuvenates the skin
9.      Facial Soap- clears all black sports ($4)
10.     Toothpaste-  prevents gums from bleeding($5)
11.     Manka for men Suitable for men with weak libido ($45)
12.     Garlic Capsules($60) protects against cancer, treats asthma and Bronchitis
13.     BP reduction apparatus ($90)-brings BP Down and relieves Head ache and dizziness, alleviates pain
14.     Panty Liners 30 in a pack ($7)
15.     Sanitary Pads – ($8)
16.     Zinc Supplement ($8)
17.     High Calcium Powder ($17)
18.     Children Nutrients High Calcium Powder ($16)
19.     Fruit and vegetable Cleaner ($250)

For more information email: tendai.paulah at gmail.com<mailto:tendai.paulah at gmail.com>

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