[Dipleague] Burn fats easily... Get fit & achive that flat belly

Ryan .M kensgate at zol.co.zw
Thu Jan 5 07:54:19 CAT 2012

The Zumba fitness workout which is a set of 4 DVDs explained below:

1)            The "Zumba Basics" DVD teaches you the basic Zumba steps.
Every basic Zumba step is shown slowly and carefully. Zumba basic steps :
(for more information, see Zumba manual) The "Zumba 20 Minute Express" is a
20 minute workout to burn calories.  If you have little time and you want to
burn calories as quickly as possible this workout is ideal for you. Whether
you're a beginner or advanced Zumba dancer, you will never grow tired of
this 20 minute Express DVD.


2)            The "Zumba Cardio Party" DVD workout with Beto's exclusive
"Rhythm Refresher". Every movement is explained step by step and is easy to
follow, irrespective of your level. This DVD contains a full 50 minute
Cardio Party workout. You can do this workout at home in your living room,
and after 50 minutes of dancing and fun you will be covered in sweat without
feeling you've been exercising and without aching muscles. This total body
workout not only moves your feet and hips but your whole body to the hottest
Salsa, Reggaeton, Merengue and Samba music rhythms. You won't be able to
resist this cardio party in action on your TV. The new "Rhythm Refresher"
technology allows you to look at every (dance) step again at a press of a


3)            The "Zumba Fitness Sculpt & Tone" DVD is a workout for a
sculpted and toned body. The Zumba Toning lesson uses the same swinging
music as the other Zumba Fitness workouts. This works and trains muscle
groups of certain body parts. The Zumba Sculpt and Toning lesson comprises
squats, lunges, thrusts above the head and lateral stretches. 


4)            The" Zumba Live" dvd takes the Zumba party to your home. Enjoy
the fun dance 

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