[Dipleague] Business for Sale /Buy in all locations in Zimbabwe

Drolderry Investments drolderry at econetmobile.co.zw
Thu Jan 5 23:04:01 CAT 2012




We are Business Transfer Brokers who have a long list of Buyers/Sellers. If
you are selling any of the following businesses anywhere in Zimbabwe please
get in touch with us as we may have a buyer/Partner for your business :-




Bottle Stores

General Dealers

Hardware Shops

Light Engineering

Take Away


Night Clubs

Small and Medium sized factories

Stationery Shops

Specialty Shops

Service Stations


Please advise price and location of business and indicate whether its
Business Stock and Assets only or Its Business, Stock, Assets and Buildings.
If leased, please indicate rental  and  advise whether landlord is agreeable
to continue lease with new owner. (An undertaking in writing from the
Landlord would be required before sale is concluded)


Our Brokers will only be happy to call on you and discuss way forward.


Please phone Thomas on mobile 0734 389 969 or email me
bustransbroker at econetmobile.co.zw 





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