[Dipleague] WHICH ONE DO YOU PREFER? Time-for-money trap or Wealth Creation?

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Fri Jan 6 15:57:16 CAT 2012

WHICH ONE DO YOU PREFER? Time-for-money trap...or wealth creation?

Old System for Financial Success:

H x N = I (also called the "time-for-money trap") 

H (hourly wage) x N (no. hours worked) = I (income). 

New System for Financial Success:

T x E* =$ (also called the "power of leverage") 

T (time invested) x E* (exponential growth) = $ (financial freedom). 

Linear Growth: 5+5=10 (linear = very limited!). 

Exponential Growth: 5*=25 (exponential = explosive!). 


Then watch http://www.explorefreedom.com/pipeline

Let me put it another way: Some people earn ten thousand dollars a year
while others earn one million in the same year. 

Click here to see the difference: www.explorefreedom.com/pipeline

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