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For sale are very cheap, high-quality pdf e-books to help you in your 
studies, business and assignments @ only $5 per book. Below is just a 
sample of the list of books on sale, the long list is sent upon 
request. Great discounts on bulk orders as we understand that most 
clients need the books for day to day business strategies, assignments 
etc. Call or SMS your requests on 0772739893 or reply via email.
1.      A Handbook for Strategic Planning
2.      A Purchasing Manager's Guide to Strategic Proactive Procurement
3.      A textbook of business economics
4.      Accounting Best Practices Sixth edition
5.      Advanced Wireless Networks 4G Technologies
6.      Strategic Staffing - A Practical Toolkit for Workforce Planning
7.      Applied Organizational Communication Theory and Practice in a 
Global Environment (2007)
8.      Armstrong’s Handbook of Human Resource Management
9.      Basic Electrical Installation Work, 5th Edition
10.  Beyond Training and Development
11.  Supply Chain Strategy - The Logistics of Supply Chain Management
12.  Business Ethics Case Studies and Selected Readings Sixth Edition
13.  Business Law - Text and Cases 11th edition
14.  Business Process Transformation - Advances in Management 
Information Systems
15.  Business the Bill Gates Way
16.  Business The Richard Branson Way
17.  Business Etiquette (2nd Edition 2002)
18.  Chambers dictionary of science and technology
19.  Communication Skills for Effective Management
20.  Communication Skills
21.  Competitive-Selling- Out-plan, out-think, out- sell to win every time
22.  Concepts, Techniques, and Models of Computer Programming
23.  Corporate Records Handbook - The Meetings, Minutes and Resolutions 
4th Edition
24.  Cost Accounting Foundations and Evolutions 8th Edition
25.  Customer Relationship Management - how to turn a good business 
into a great one!
26.  The Management of Non-Governmental Development Organizations by 
David Lewis(2007)
27.  Davis W.S. & Yen D.C. - Information System Consultants Handbook 
Systems Analysis And Design [CRC Press 1999]
28.  Demand Driven Supply Chain - A Structured and Practical  Roadmap 
to Increase Profitability
29.  Designing Management Information Systems
30.  DICTIONARY OF Sociology

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