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Why risk your life or the prospect of jail time and enormous fines when with
our Jabra hands free kits you can jabba jabba jabba as much as you like,
safely and legally - and you can look great doing it too!


We have just received our stock of Jabra hands free cell phone kits -
reasonably priced, great looking and with the best sound quality and
durability of any hands free products on the market  - don't wait, get yours


In stock now:


The Jabra Stone - $182: 

Voice Control allows users to answer or reject calls by the use of the voice

Voice Guidance - Tells who is calling, battery status, set-up and more

Noise Blackout Extreme - Dual microphone technology for excellent sound

Four ergo-designed Eargels for all-day comfort

Portable Jabra STONE2 Charger enables charging on the go

Stream multimedia from your phone (A2DP)


The Jabra STONE2 Bluetooth
<http://www.jabra.com/sites/mobile/na-us/products/pages/catbluetooth.aspx> T
headset takes the incredible ease-of-use of the original STONE to exciting
new levels. To start with, there is now no need to even touch the headset to
answer or reject a call - you just use your voice. The headset tells you
each caller's number and you then simply say yes if you want to accept the
call, and no if you don't.

You don't have to look at the Jabra STONE2 headset to check battery level or
the strength of the connection with your mobile phone. It will tell you just
what you need to know via voice alerts. 

The Jabra STONE2 also puts extra power in the palm of your hand. Its
portable charger enables you to fast charge on the go up to 4 times - and
each charge takes only 20 minutes. You get up to 10 full hours of wireless
talk time in a charger that slips easily into your pocket or bag. 

With the Jabra STONE2 everything sounds great. Dual mic technology
eliminates background noise and maintains the natural sound of your voice.
You will feel comfortable too. The lightness of the headset, its curved
shape and personalised eargels, will make every conversation a pleasure. 

With the Jabra STONE2 you have new opportunities. You can take talk much


The Jabra Easygo - $49:

Easy to use, wear and enjoy

Spoken battery and connection status

Multiuse - connects to 2 BluetoothR devices simultaneously so you can
connect to your cellphone AND Skype on your computer at the same time!

Crystal clear sound and voice (DSP technology)

All day comfort with Jabra Ultimate Comfort Eargels and ear hook

BluetoothR technology v. 2.1 for simple and secure pairing

Up to 6 hours talk time and up to 8 days standby time


Easy talking for driving, working or walking
Looking for your first BluetoothT headset? The Jabra EASYGO makes choosing
easy. It gives you all the extraordinary benefits of hands free conversation
at a no-nonsense price. There are no complex functions and installation is
fast and straightforward. 

The Jabra EASYGO is stylish yet discreet, and its lightness and shape make
it a joy to wear. It has DSP technology for crystal clear sound and an
automatic volume control that keeps volume constant even when you move
between quiet and noisy environments. It also has Voice Guidance features
that tell you if you need to recharge it or if it becomes disconnected from
your phone. You can even pair the Jabra EASYGO with two Bluetooth devices
simultaneously. Use it at work, on-foot or in the car. A quality headset
that sounds and looks great, the Jabra EASYGO makes it easy to talk on the


The Jabra Freeway - $208

Rich and crisp sound with 3 speakers and Virtual Surround sound

Use your voice to make and take calls completely hands-free

Announces the name of the incoming caller

Voice Guidance gives spoken battery level, paring instructions and
connection status

Multiuse - Connects to 2 BluetoothR devices at the same time

A2DP streaming for playback of music, podcasts and directions from GPS

Up to 14 hours talk time and up to 40 days standby time


The Jabra FREEWAY in-car speakerphone makes hands-free calls sound better
than ever - and makes controlling them effortless. It is the first in-car
speaker-phone to have a 3-speaker stereo system and Virtual Surround sound,
which makes the audio crisper, clearer and more vibrant than ever before.
And with its dual-mic technology, you can say goodbye to unwanted background

The Jabra FREEWAY is extraordinarily easy to operate. That's because with
the Jabra FREEWAY, voices are in control. To start with, voice guidance will
talk you through setup and pairing. After that, it will announce the name of
the incoming callers, ask if you want to accept their calls and will tell
you battery level and connection status. You then simply use your own voice
to make, answer, end, redial or reject calls - while keeping both hands
safely on the wheel. And there is no need to press buttons to turn the Jabra
FREEWAY on or off. It automatically turns on when you get into your car and
off when you get out.


The Jabra Drive - $71

Crystal clear sound and voice (DSP)

Easy to use with dedicated control buttons 

Transmits music, podcasts and GPS directions

Voice Guidance* gives spoken battery level and connection status

Multiuse - Connects to 2 BluetoothR devices at the same time

Up to 20 hours talk time and up to 30 days standby time


When you have a busy lifestyle, car journeys can give you some well-needed
breathing space to catch up and make arrangements with friends and family on
the phone. The problem is, though, it's illegal! Jabra DRIVE in-car
speakerphone solves this, and other problems, with an excellent hands-free
solution, so you can make the best use of this time - and have in-car phone
conversations without compromising safety. 

Jabra DRIVE is brilliantly simple. No setup is required, and it's so easy to
operate, you probably won't even have to look in the manual to find out how
to use it. Voice guidance talks you through as you pair it up with your
mobile for the first time. After that, you just clip Jabra DRIVE onto your
sun visor. The product will connect automatically with your phone as soon as
you turn it on. 

You can then talk freely on your mobile, with your eyes on the road and your
hands on the wheel. With the Jabra DRIVE, you don't even need to bother
reaching for your phone when it rings. It's always at your fingertips,
whenever you're on the road - just press the big friendly button on the
in-car speakerphone to answer and enjoy crystal clear hands-free




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