[Dipleague] GIS Software (ArcGIS Desktop 10) Fully Licensed for Sale.

Integral-Edge BI Scout scout at integraledgebi.com
Mon Mar 26 15:02:52 CAT 2012

ArcGIS Desktop 10, original and fully licensed for sell. Payment terms


Also available:

-GIS Dataset for Zimbabwe

-Training (ArcGIS Desktop: Getting Started with GIS)

-Geodatabase Design & Development (Services & Training)


Contact us today!


IntegralEdge Business Intelligence

e-Mail:                   <mailto:contact at integraledgebi.com>
contact at integraledgebi.com
Phone:                 +263 714 290 213, +263 735 965 782
Website:               <http://www.integraledgebi.com/>

"The future is not a destination we are waiting to get to;
Rather - it is one that we are constantly creating.
The paths to get there are not to be found, but are made.
Our activities of making the paths to get there
Change both ourselves and our destination."



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