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Wed Mar 28 09:59:28 CAT 2012

Are you aware that within 30 seconds of meeting someone, you will 
subconsciously rate the person you just met?

People absorb more powerful messages about you and/or your company from 
the way you present yourself (the image). Impressions trigger them more 
than they consciously realize. Prime Impression will assist you to make 
your first impression a prime lasting impression. Even your business 
will project the right image, the powerful communicator and the 
important business tool. Thus taking you the extra mile ahead of your 

Image consultancy for individuals and for corporates, wardrobe 
rearranging, personal shopper, personal groomer, personal branding, 
dining etiquette, social graces, corporate training (grooming and 
etiquette, business etiquette, customer care, elegant leadership) and 
everything to do with your personal and corporate image. For more 
information do not hesitate to contact us.

Carol Kampila
(Image and brand consultant)
Prime Impression (Pvt) Ltd
0772 808 468

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