[Dipleague] A lifetime opportunity to partner and own part of a growing innovative technology and social game changer. Be part of something big for Zimbabwe and beyond

Digital Agency digitalagency at zol.co.zw
Thu Mar 29 10:10:56 CAT 2012

Business Partner,

Are you passionate about technology.
Are you passionate about being involved with an initiative to make a
difference in people's lives.

Many Zimbabwe users have tested for the past year the innovative but
creative online platform Dariro.com and as of now the technology will
finally be launched with more utilities as requested by users.

We are inviting partners to work with in delivering the vision of an
informed Africa.

We are looking for partners in financies, services, skills, office
space(wharehouse or garage with an area that does have consistency
power), internet services and any area you feel could add value. In
return our partners will get part onwership of the project.

If you are interested please email us on rphinias at gmail.com or call
0773 222 327 with information on how you need to be part of Dariro.com

Good day leaguers

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