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LEPTIN SLIMMING BEVERAGES available in Harare - a natural, healthy way to
lose weight. Green Coffee 1000, Black Coffee & Hot Cocoa. Completely free of
drugs, It reduces appetite, stops you snacking and stimulates the body to
burn fat so you can lose weight quickly and responsibly. It's $25 per box
containing 18 sachets each. Dissolve 1 sachet in your cup of  hot water 20
mins before breakfast. Also in stock are herbal slimming capsules, weight
loss chocolate pieces and orange diet drink for mid morning. Below is a
testimonial regarding the Hot Cocoa....


"You know what, Natalie, it took me 14 days to actually lose about 4kg.
Before I purchased coffee from you I had been given a box by my sister who
happens to be one of your clients. She just said, 'try it. It works', but
unfortunately did not tell me where she had purchased it. So when I saw your
advert on dipleague I then knew you were the source and I wanted to buy two
more boxes coz the results were showing so fast and it was all too good to
be true!"


Email me on  <mailto:natlee8 at yahoo.com> natlee8 at yahoo.com or call 0772 708
512 for more information or orders. Stock is moving fast and feedback has
been excellent!!


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