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Devonnie Nemaramba devonnie at zol.co.zw
Thu Mar 29 15:30:37 CAT 2012


Most sanitary napkin are made from Bleached and Recycled Papers? Most 
sanitary napkin may cause rashes, inflammation and even Urinary Tract 
Infections (UTI)? Most Women are prone to a lot of Bacterial / Vaginal 
infections during their Menstrual Period? Women....we have now the 
Answer....a Sanitary Napkin that refreshes a woman's feeling during 
menstruation..no more itchiness..no more hassles..no more fuzz..you 
would even forget you have "period". So comfortable that you can do 
just right about anything that you usually do on your regular days.

As much as 107 bacteria can grow and multiply on 1 mm sq. surface of 
common sanitary napkin after continuous usage of normal sanitary napkin 
for 2 hours

Anion (Negative Ion) on the Love Moon Anion Sanitary Napkin is able to 
suppress the survival and multiplication of bacteria on the sanitary 
napkin. Anion in Love Moon Sanitary Napkin release up to 5800 negative 
ions per cubic cm which has been proven in numerous scientific studies 
to protect against genital diseases, eliminating harmful bacteria, 
odour, enhance comfort and improve your health.

THE PADS 10s are going @  $7.00

PANTYLINERS 30s @  $8.00

If interested reply to email or phone 0777 362 521


Devonnie Nemaramba

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