[Dipleague] Estate Agents Council of Zimbabwe

carolka at iwayafrica.com carolka at iwayafrica.com
Fri Mar 30 12:54:16 CAT 2012

Hi Dips

Thanks to one of the dipleaguers who mentioned The Estate Agents Council
of Zimbabwe. They are at 24 Mon Repos Building, Newlands Shopping Centre.
I managed to get their telephone number and contacted them as well. They
can be contacted on 04-746356 or 746400-4.

Before dealing with the estate agents its good to call the council and if
you have had a problem with any, they would also want to know them. There
are also some which were once registered but have been blacklisted. One of
them advertise regularly on dipleague as well. N.B.One can have their
license canceled and have it reinstated as well once they have
regularized. This is why it then helps checking with the council first.

Not registered with the council = bogus. Dealing with them will be at your
own risk.



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