[Dipleague] ***Acne / Eczema / Dry skin - Natural easy solution***

Kelly Conway dips at afruita.com
Mon Nov 26 09:23:30 CAT 2012

Are you suffering with acne or eczema. I highly recommend the
following to help heal and replenish your skin:
Aloe Liquid Soap: - Gentle soap to wash the face, balances the PH of
the skin and will not irritate the eczema. Aloe content will soothe
any itching and help with the healing process. $15.00
Aloe Vera Gelly: - Use this morning and night. Contains lignin so
drawn deep into the skin and will start healing from the inside.
Really great to rehydrate skin aswell. Helps with itching and
inflammation. Also helps with scarring..  $17.00
Aloe Propolis crème: - Use at night after the AV Gelly. This is
natures anti-biotic - made using bee propolis. Excellent for eczema,
psoriasis and any topical skin disease.  $23.00
Aloe Lotion: - Use this in the mornings after the AV Gelly as a day
cream. The aloe content helps to continue the healing process,
rehydrates the skin and balances the PH – 1st choice for dry skin.  $17.00


***Order all 4 and get at a discounted price of $68.00 


Testimonials from happy customers:

-          (Oh and just to let you know her skin is doing so well A lot of
people are asking what she's using?  Thanks for All your help!)

-          it has made such a dramatic improvement in her excema, we took
photos before she started using and a week later and the change is HUGE! So
figured i better order more before she runs out.

Please contact kelly.aloevera at gmail.com
mail.com>  or dips at afruita.com for orders or further information


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