[Dipleague] Libido issues solved naturally - Sunony products

Patuma Kamudyariwa fatimak at zol.co.zw
Mon Nov 26 16:15:17 CAT 2012

Hi gentlemen,
R u having trouble with your libido?
R u often tired and not lasting long enough to satisfy her too?
R u not getting a healthy erection and keeping up to the occassion?
I have just the remedy for u and it is very affordable, very healthy, 
no known side effects and it i also a tonic green tea, so it will help 
with any other detox issues, kidney or other internal injury issues u 
maybe suffering from.

For just $10, u can still put yo house in order.... before its too late 
and someone helps u out!!  Get the Tonic Tea and solve most of ur 
health issues.

For the ladies, this is usually a hormonal imbalance so u can get the 
multi maca $30, and this will solve your moods and will get u to start 
enjoying your intimacy again.  Get your groove back girl, don't wait 
till its too late...

Delivery is free in and around town.
Call/text/watsapp me
0772 289246

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