[Dipleague] Elegant Graphic design solutions- folders, calendars, diaries.. & PC repairs

Shep Makovere versatile at zol.co.zw
Wed Nov 28 04:56:12 CAT 2012

We do Company Logos and business stationery designs and printing ie- receipt
books, invoice books, letterheads, calendars, corporate folders,
personalised diaries, brochures, posters, cd sleeves, flyers etc


1.   Business cards printing -

$20 per 100 cards if you have the design ready- same day service. * An extra
$5 charge for the business card design if you already have a logo but no
business card design.


**Please Note:  Print Jobs that require design alterations to be done by us
will attract a minimum $5 charge.


* Elegant, professional company logo designs from $25

* Bulk CD Surface printing for quantities between 100-1000cds: $0.25 per cd
(light to medium colour print), $0.30 per cd for 1000 (heavy colour print)


2.  Beautiful X-Banners (1.6 x0.6m) for only $115


**PCs & Laptops

1. PC REPAIRS from only $15! It doesn't matter what the problem is, as long
as it doesn't require the purchase of new parts, bring it to our workshop
and we'll repair it for you! You do not pay if problem is not solved.

*  Also, PCs constructed according to your budget- buying a PC couldn't  be
any easier


2. Laptop repairs from $30


Contact Shep on 0772341147

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