[Dipleague] Aluminium Sliding Doors

Milward Kuona unlinkfurnitures at zol.co.zw
Wed Nov 28 09:20:56 CAT 2012

Unlink Aluminium manufacturers of high quality:
  1. Aluminium Sliding Doors,
  2. Window Frames
  3. Office Partitions
  4. Window Glazing
  5. Shower Cubicles
  6. Display Units

  All doors and frames are made to order in our factory.
The frames come in all standard sizes with non standard frames made 
upon request.
Configurations include sliding doors and windows with sidelights, 
toplights whilst features such as fixlights of any size, midrails as 
well as cottage pane doors can be provided.
All frames are finished in -
   * Natural anodized aluminium
   * Bronze coated aluminium
   * Other options available upon request.

Please call        0776 374 107, 0778 260 961, 0735 695 971

email [1]unlinkfurnitures at zol.co.zw


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