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Nesbil Consultancy Services nesbilhr at zol.co.zw
Thu Nov 29 12:41:18 CAT 2012

Is your organisation facing the following problems:
1. Handling disciplinary Issues?
2. Handling Staff contracts of employment?
3. Handling Terminations and Dismissals?
4. Handling staff Performance Problems?
5. Handling NEC Obligations?
6. Handling Retrenchments/Restructuring?
7. Handling Appeals and Labour Disputes?

Our organisation can assist with expert advice, we have vast experience 
in the following Industries:

Commercial Sector, Mining Sector, Newspaper, Printing & Packaging 
Industry, Agriculture Sector, Travel Goods, Motor Industry, Brick 
Making, Telecommunications Industry; NEC for Welfare and Educational 
Institutions, and
Timber Lumber Industries.

We assist both companies and individuals.
Contact our Consulting Team on [1]nesbilhr at zol.co.zw
OR PHONE +263 772 884 864

Number 3 Prince Edward Road
"Your one stop solutions home for your business, people, and your ever 
changing environment"


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