[Dipleague] 15000 eBooks for your Kindle or Ipad

Chris L. Williams christibo at zol.co.zw
Thu Nov 29 18:38:21 CAT 2012

I have a new library of over 15000 titles!  There is eveything from top 
10 best sellers, Sci-Fi, Fiction, Reference, Biographies, Fantasy, 
Romantic, MATLAB, IT Reference, Teen Fiction, Childrens, Cookbooks and 
more.  These can be delivered via email in most cases.

Send specific requests with either Titles, or Author, or Topic.  Or 
request the whole list.

$1.00 for 4 titles!!! Doesn't matter if the book is 1 page or 1000 pages.

Payment can be made via Ecocash or by arrangement.

Contact Chris via email for more details.

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