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Cheapest car hire in town starting from $40 per day. Contact us for cheap
unlimited mileage deals. Our cars are top range 4x4s and high raised Rav 4
which are suitable to drive on dust roads to kumusha and they are well
maintained so there is no risk of breakdowns. On top of that our cars are
insured for your peace of mind. We offer our clients roadside assistance
should they break down and you don't have to leave a deposit when you hire
our cars. Most suitable for those from diaspora who want freedom of movement
to visit around Zimbabwe. Happy hiring! We also offer free pick up and drop
service to the Airport and many more extras. Call Bensin on +263735303019 or
+263773075728 or talk to Locadia on +263734549831 if you are overseas
contact Bosskefy on +61430559255 or add us on Skype look for Bosskefy1
whatsapp +61430559255 Toyota Rav 4 Hire in Zim.
13529755360723  please copy and paste the link to your browser for you to
see the page or just search for Cheapest Car Hire Travelers to Zimbabwe page
and like 

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