[Dipleague] Accomodation available

accomodation at branswaysands.co.zw accomodation at branswaysands.co.zw
Fri Nov 30 11:50:36 CAT 2012

Hatfield 1room own entrance along seke $150 incl
Hatfield 1bedroom cottage $250 incl
Waterfalls mainway 1room $150
Marlbereign cottsworld 2roomed cottage $200 incl
Hatfield along seke 2 and half roomed cottage $220 incl
Glen=norah 'C' 1room $65
Marlborough east 2roomed cottage $280 no deposit
Waterfall mainway 1room cottage $120
Braeside 1inside room $150
Marlbereign cotts world hills 1room cottage $150
Tynwald north 1room $120 incl
Old Marlborough 4bedroomed house $600
Flat baachelors josiah chinamano $300
Flat bachelors venues kwame nkurumah $250
Queensdale 2roomed cottage $250 incl
Marlborough east 2roomed cottage $300 no dep
Kuwadzana phase3 2rooms $140
Warren park 1 3bedroomed house with fitted $600 neg
Hatfield 2inside rooms $250
Avonlea 2bedroom cottage $450
Highlands 1 inside room $150 incl
Waterfalls malven road 2bedroomed cottage $250
Zimre 2bedroomed cottage no main house $350
Greencroft 1room ensuite $200 incl
Sunningdale3 1room cottage $60
Old houghton park 1inside room$100
Marbereign haig park 3bedroomed cottage own zesa meter $450
Flat avenues $400
Marlborough east 2bedroomed cottage $500 no dep incl
Seke unit j 2bedroomed house $350
Greendale 2bedroom cottage with fitted $500 incl
Greendale anthlorne 2bedroomed cottage with fitted all over $600
Old windsor 1room cottage $130 incl
Avondale west 3bedroom furnished house $800
Flat 2bedrooms avenues $750
Flat to share avenues $250 incl
Highlands 1inside room $150 incl
Waterfalls parktown 2bedroom cottage $250
Zengeza 4  3bedroom house $350
Warren park D 2rooms $140
Parktown 1room cottage $80
Marlbereign near shops 1bedroom cottage $300
Cranbourne 1and half room cottage $200 incl
Mt pleasant north wood 3bedroomed house $1000
Waterfalls mainway 2bedroomed cottage own entrance $400

     Call Mrs Mupedzi  0772 722 596
                       0734 289 697

No 25 G. silundika regal star house
         2nd floor room 202

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