[Dipleague] Bee Hives Custom Made, Wooden pallets, Storage crates ,

E Muringa tashmaz at zol.co.zw
Fri Nov 30 08:56:28 CAT 2012

Hello Dipps

We can make according to your specifications:-

Bee Hive (Kenyan Top bar design, Ware hives and Langstroth broad frames)

Wooden Pallets for heavy and light weight loads

wooden crates for storage

Place your order on [1]tashmaz at zol.co.zw

phone 0773588390, 0772961836

Find us on [2]www.classifieds.co.zw[3]/store/tashmaz/html

Tashmaz Kitchens & Furnitures
Bay 29 No 17047 calton Road

Cell 0772961836 or 0773588390


1. mailto:tashmaz at zol.co.zw
2. http://www.classifieds.co.zw/store/tashmaz/html
3. http://www.classifieds.co.zw/store/tashmaz/html

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