Cliff Gweshe cliffgweshe at sparklesproperties.co.zw
Wed Feb 27 09:01:46 CAT 2013




Glen Loarne Stand 2 acres $130k


Brook road $65k 2000 sqm


Mandara $50k 2000sqm x 6 subdivision. 


The Grange 50k 2000sqm  Deeds


Greendale 50k 2000sqm  Deeds


The Grange $45k. 2000sqm


Greendale  $45k. 2000sqm


Mayrick Pack  $50k. 2000sqm


Bluffhill $45k. 3000sqm


Mabelregn 40k 1600sqm  Deeds


Mainway Meadows $30k 466sqm at box level Deeds.


Waterfalls  $40k 2000sqm  Deeds.


Greencroft $35k 1000sqm  Deeds.


Malbrough $45k 2039sqm 


Tynwald Givestain Park $25k, 2000sqm


Belvedere West $25k .


Tynwald  12k, 442sqm fully serviced


Norton  Nhowe Stand $12k, 2500sqm


Damofalls Phase 2 Stand $16k, 2300sqm


Crowhill x 5 stands $12k, 1200sqm


Ruwa $8k, 400sqm


Norton Trafalgar $6k, 2100sqm


Charlotte Brooke $12k, 1000sqm, Deeds .  Bonds welcome 


Damafalls Phase 4 x 2 $8k, 405sqm stand


Stoneridge $6k, 3000sqm stand, Cesion 


Glenview Extension $8k

300sqm x 2


Glenview 7 $8k  322sqm


Budiriro 4. 350sqm $8k Slab level


Chitunguza Unit O $12k 1600sqm Pre School Stand cession.


Chitunguza Unit O $5k 300sqm 


Chitunguza Unit O $4k 300sqm 


Damafalls phase 4 $8 k, 400sqm,


Snake Park $5 k, 300sqm,






Call or Wattsup 0772 408 084

 <mailto:cliffgweshe at gmail.com> cliffgweshe at gmail.com









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