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Business plans for large corporate, start-ups, established businesses,
Small-Medium Sized Enterprises, loan application and individual investors.

Have a professionally written  plan; make more money

Take a minute to think of your company as a ship about to set sail on an
ocean voyage. Your business plan defines your destination and the route
that you’ll follow. It details the supplies and crew you have on board as
well as what you still need to acquire. It forecasts the cost of the
voyage. It describes the weather and sea conditions you’re likely to
encounter along the way and anticipates the potential dangers that may
lurk over the horizon. Finally, your business plan identifies other ships
that may be attempting to beat you to your destination
For proof that a business plan is important, consider this example. When
the Kauffman Center for Entrepreneurial Leadership surveyed the annual
winners of its Entrepreneur of the Year Award, it found that companies
with written business plans had 50 percent greater sales growth and 12
percent higher gross profit margins than companies without plans. How’s
that for incentive?

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