[Dipleague] Brand New And Used Ice Cream Machines For Sale

Yvonne Ndlovu luc at zol.co.zw
Tue Apr 30 18:14:35 CAT 2013

We supply imported brand new boxed Ice Cream Making Machines
BQL 818 Model , 28 Litre Machines, 35 Litre
Comes with 1 Year Guarantee
A free basic training is offered to give you the knowledge you need to
start the ice cream selling business as well as maintenance tips of
your new machine!
These have wheels for easy movement
Single Flavor, 3 Flavor machines In Stock
With Air Pump Unit For Aeration
A Cone Counter to take note of the amount of cones served per day
Offers 2 Flavors plus one mixing
Price: 3 500.00 - $4000.00

We are suppliers of all catering equipment
to your doorstep, don't hesitate to call us if you need anything at
almost manufacturer's prices.
Slush Freezer Machines
Candy Floss Machines (Electric / Gas)
Pizza Ovens
Hot Dog & Burger Machines
Juice Machines
Popcorn Machines
Freezit Making Machines
Chip Fryers etc

We are the suppliers of different flavors of ice cream making powder
Cut on the hassle to go buy the refrigerated premix
This has a shelf life of over one year
Simply mix with tap water and get your business going for less!
Milano ICE cream powder
The proportion mixing water: 2.15 kg of powder to 5 litres tap water =
7 litres Liquid
Shelf life: 1 year
Outer packing: One box contains 8 pack of 2.15 kg ice cream powder
Ratio for mixing is 2.15 kg ice cream powder to 5 litres water= about 7
litres ice cream mix.
Taste available: Vanilla, Strawberry, Capo chino, Pineapple, Chocolate,
2.15kg pack : $13.00
Box of 8 : $104
You can store as much as you need and cut on transport cost and storage
hassles you have been facing with the premix.
Get 100% profit with less !
Call now to place your order
0772 137 750
0772 739 627 ( what's app)

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