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Bullseye! The dream shot in darts ... and advertising.

Most of the money spent on ads is lost by reaching people who don’t match your product. They’re too young, too old, too rich to care or don’t have cash.

So how do you hit the target?

In Europe and the US, ad spend is in decline, yet two types are growing faster that ever: billboards and flyers.

Outdoor ads are great because you can choose the road where your clients are likely to drive. Near a golf course, airport, shopping centre and so on.

Problem is the cost. Printing those huge signs aint cheap.

Flyers, by contrast cost little to make and can be handed out at any location. For example, if you want high spending mums, target the intersection near a private school at pick-up time.

If the message is more complex, distribute on Sunday when people have time to read. 

Letterbox the wealthiest suburbs, or for broad-range products like groceries, do the whole town.

Print a test-run to see how it goes, then fine-tune the message for a wider market.

You can even have a coupon on the flyer to see how many people bring it to your store, though this needs thought: few will make a special trip to save five per cent, so the deal should be a good one.

Mr Flyer is Zimbabwe’s full-house flyer agency and every campaign is worked to win the best result for your brand, from wording to distribution.

Hitting the target every time is no game of chance. It’s the skill and passion of what we do. 

So give us a call, and put a spike in your sales.

Mr Flyer: phone 0772 949 283

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