[Dipleague] We manufacture furniture at Factory prices

E Muringa tashmaz at zol.co.zw
Wed May 1 23:48:44 CAT 2013

Hello Dips

-We manufacture Furniture for :-

-Kids(boys, girls,toddlers, babies)  - beds,chairs, chest of drawers,
study desk
wardropes,bay changer/tender
-Hospital/Doctors reception (reception counters,desks, tables, chairs)
-School Library (desks, bookcases,)
-Nursary furniture (chairs, tables. beds)
-Home furniture (beds, coffee tables, Wadrobes, dinning suites, bedroom
suite, mobile kitchen units)
-Office Furniture (desks, cabinets, bookcases, reception tables and counters)

place your order now on email - tashmaz at zol.co.zw
cell 0773588390, 0736125111 or 0772961836

Find us on www.classifieds.co.zw/store/tashmaz.html

regards Tashmaz Kitchens & Furnitures
Bay 29 No 17047 calton road

cell 0773588390 or 0772961836>>

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