[Dipleague] SOLAR POWER ......GO GREEN !!!!!`

POWERite powerite at zol.co.zw
Fri May 3 09:25:04 CAT 2013

Go green and electrify your household with solar power. For your entertainment [tv, dvd, decoder, radio, home theatre, gaming, computer/laptop, cellphone charging], security alarm and lights for the whole house.
Allows you even to operate fully as if you have electricity.
Various options available depending on your required load [ie appliance you wish to power]
Packages start from as little as $365 to power a 21" tv and entertainment set. Bigger sizes available to power your plasma screens .

Its about time we step up and start producing our own electricity, we have the solar in abundance , all we need is to capture it correctly and we are in for using free power for good.

Consult us for a matching system to suit you. Installation done instantly after confirmation has been given.
By end of day today your house can be fully lit.

No recurring costs as the case with a generator, no noise, no need for constant refueling and many more advantages.

Raymond Musakwa
Marketing Executive
6 Colosseum
 Harare Exhibition Park
tel  : 04-779101/2 
cell : 0773 237 643 
email: powerite at zol.co.zw
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