[Dipleague] Enjoy a HOT Bath this Winter with our Solar Water Geysers....

Mercy George sales at adas.co.zw
Fri May 3 10:58:48 CAT 2013

Cut your Electricity Bill by up to 40% and get rid of your CASH GUZZLING
geyser by getting yourself a SOLAR WATER GEYSER  for your Residential homes,
Lodges, Hotels, Hospitals,  or Commercial Properties at no running cost to

 *Affordable price and reliable solution, Simple structure, Easy
* Sizes available from 120L to 300L  - Gravity. 

*Operated without any power supplying. Electric heater can be used as back
up in rainy days 

 *Heats up your water to over 90 degrees.

For Advice and Quote email: sales at adas.co.zw, enquiries at adas.co.zw; call
04-447730-3 or visit us at No. 56 Martin Drive, Msasa and our friendly Sales
Team will readily assist you.







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