[Dipleague] Promotional Gifts & Branding

Garikai Nhongo gari at magentacorporate.co.za
Wed May 8 10:39:40 CAT 2013

Magenta Corporate offers an incredible array of branding and promo gifts
ranging from banners, brochures, clocks, t-shirts, caps, hats etc. for your
event or business . Visit www.magentacorporate.co.za  to view more or write
to info at magentacorporate.co.za to enquire.




Magenta Corporate - Head Office


 <mailto:gari at magentacorporate.co.za> gari at magentacorporate.co.za

 <http://www.magentacorporate.co.za/> www.magentacorporate.co.za




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