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NowDirectory Service 

A real-time business and communications directory services. NowDirectory service is not just about addresses and telephone numbers only but it is an all inclusive database on people, goods / services , business and markets as well as social and recreational activities in Zimbabwe. This will include information on

i. Detailed business and business contact information 

All information that includes identity names , initials , picture insert, company logo, sex, race , 

telephone numbers, mobile phone numbers, email addresses, current city , business, sector , 

profession , websites, physical and postal addresses and other business and social network 

addresses such as facebook, gtalk, skype, Live messenger, twitter etc.

ii. Goods and services 

Products and services , detailed narrative , comparative analysis, etc

iii. Business Conditions , business analysis by sector , product , statistical information etc, personal &

Social and leisure , sports information

iv. Geographical locations of business and subscribers , sites & maps, 

v. Daily Business Classifieds information such as , real estate, employment market etc

vi. All day to day directory assistance will be available .

All registered members will receive NowDirectory copies every month

Personal Listing & Confidentiality

Personal listing directory might contain information which individuals may consider private. On registration , individuals will indicate status of such information by tagging closed (private) or open (public) respectively. Implication, individuals will be listed in the directory but their contact information which they would have tagged closed will be locked from public. Such information will only be unlocked to that particular person seeking such information only once authorised by the owner. For Example ;

Mobile number +263 777777777 Open / Private P

Mobile Number +263 777777777 Open / Private P

Facebook xxxxx Open / Private P

Email xxxx Open / Private O

Skype xxxx Open / Private O

For this person , only email and skype will be open for public viewing the rest will only be accessible to any particular individuals upon confirmation from the owner to release such information to them.

Registration is in progress. Don't miss out on the first edition of NowDirectory due out soon.

Email your full name and phone numbers to 


and our consultant will contact you to facilitate registration.

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