[Dipleague] Youths: Business Opportunities: Become your own Boss!!

Spencer Masamvu spencer at portnet.co.zw
Fri May 10 08:45:49 CAT 2013

We supply a wide range of Business Machines ranging from the small scale to
large scale machines, new projects on the block examples:





Blocks Bricks and paving 

Bottle filling & Capping

Candle Making

Chalk Making

Candy Floss Making

Car Wash - Drive Ins

Chip Fryers and Fryers

Incubators - Chicks and Quails

Cow Milking 

Detergent Making - Harpic

Diapers and Sanitary Pads

Doughnut Making

Tissue Making

Envelope/Exercise Books Making

ICE Cube making

ICE Cream making

Ink Cartridges Refill 

Jumping Castles

Juices Making Machines

Key Cutting 

Noodle Making

Nail Making

Potato Chips Making - Simba / Lays

Poultry Slaughters

Satchet Filling and Packing 

Soap Making 

Shopping Bags Making

Tyre Changing and Balancing Equipment

TIN /CAN Making - canned foods






Come with any projections we have machines for you. 


Spencer Masamvu | Director.

Maspen PVT Ltd | 

 Harare, Zimbabwe

Cell: +263 773 650 359  | Skype:maspen2005

*spencermasamvu at yahoo.com | 







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