[Dipleague] Swimming Pools and Tennis Courts

Maxmore constructioncpl at zol.co.zw
Fri May 10 08:58:12 CAT 2013

Dear all,

This season we are back in full strength as usual. From way back we
earned your trust in the construction of sporting facilities such as
Swimming Pools and Tennis Courts. As such ,we did not let that
    credibility die unnoticed. We are still capable of delivering your
desired results in  these areas. We can make your preferred designs,any
size, any time. Just email or call us today,then
    we chat to your desired outcome.(Pool nets,Spa baths and Pool 
fences are part of
the package). Payment terms are tailor made to suit your budget. Lots
of guarantees,don't think the hard way. It's so simple!YES WE DO!

Camenary Construction (Pvt) Ltd



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