[Dipleague] MAID HUNTERS

Nyabako Lovemore lnyabako at bancabc.com
Mon Aug 5 09:30:59 CAT 2013



-       You need a housemaid but you hardly get the time to look for one
due to other commitments,

-       Your friends have since told you that they will let you know if
they hear of anything but to no avail,

-       Why don't you engage the Maid Hunters to get you a housemaid,

-       You need not worry anymore when we say we will get you a
housemaid we will bring one of your choice to your doorstep,

-       No more waiting impatiently to hear from your friends, what we
promise we deliver....... 


For more information and assistance please call/whatsapp 0771 604 943.
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