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OaSys ESTOCK is a cutting edge Stock Control Solution designed to help you track your inventory; monitor performance, make important 
decisions quickly, manage and grow your business. 

OaSys ESTOCK Features 

-Goods Received 
-Purchase Orders 
-Stock Take 
-Stock Movement and Stock Levels Tracking 
-Branch Transfers 
-Department Transfers
-Notifications for Re-Order levels/Payments Due 
-Data Import and Export 
-Powerful, Secure and Stable Database 

OaSys ESTOCK comes with a wide selection of customizable reports including:
-Stock Levels 
-Stock Valuation 
-Stock Movement 
-Stock Cover 
-Stock Turnover 
-FIFO Layers 

Contact Our Sales Team on 04 796140/796386  or 0772 325 760 or 0772 292 465 or Email:  [mailto:solutions at fortified.co.zw]
solutions at fortified.co.zw  

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