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has the new season seen you folking out lots of monies for power backup that is not user/environment friendly, noise, not convinient to run with several hazards associated, numerous breakdowns......its time to revisit this area and start your new season with a much cheaper and convinient means of power backup to your satisfaction?????

only the option of our pure sinewave branded inverters can meet your exact needs to satisfaction,with installations to suit your required set up.

with our puresinewave inverters that are silent in operation and do not need any further costs ( ie fuel ) 
get a good backup time of 8hours average on your inverter. 
These work completely automatic do not need hands on operation, as they kick in automatically in the event of a power cut before any of your appliances turn off.........NEVER CAN THERE BE A BETTER PRODUCT

sizes vary:
250va inverter
600VA inverter     
800VA inverter     
1400VA inverter    
3.6kva inverter       
6kva inverter          

Appliances include tv, dvd , decoders, computers, laptops, printers, faxes, lights, servers,alarms,cctv, fridges and all your electronic equipment excluding stove and geyser.

  a.. -terms available to group corporate employees in numbers 3 and above. 
  b.. -flexible payment terms on purchases done on organisational level. 
  c.. - all units come with a  full year warranty and after sales service 
  d.. call or visist to arrange for a demo unit or to place an order.
Sandra Mutsago

Courage Sakarombe

5&6 colesseum, Harare Show Grounds
tel  :    779101/2
cel :    0773 417 790
WhatsApp 0773 417 790
powerite at zol.co.zw
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