[Dipleague] Promotion for August

Sascha Maiworm sascha at eblitz.co.zw
Wed Aug 7 09:54:19 CAT 2013

Good day.


We are offering the unique service to our clients to order anything from
amazon.com or any other online store in the USA.


Here is how it works:


1.            Find the item you want us to quote you.

2.            Send us the link.

3.            Receive your quote including shipping, insurance, duty, VAT,
clearing and our fee (depending on size of order it can vary from 15% down
to 5%).

4.            Pay a deposit of 60% of the quoted price (deposit might vary
depending on size and value of order).

5.            Receive your goods and pay the balance.


Effectively you can save up to 20% when ordering goods from the USA.


Please check our FaceBook site for Promotions and like us, if you like this.


For any questions or queries, please contact us via email or call us on the
number listed below.

We look forward to doing business with you.


Sascha Maiworm

Director - eBlitz


Description: Description: image001

Cell             :+263(0772)312764

Web Site     :  <http://www.eblitz.co.zw> www.eblitz.co.zw

Follow us on:

Facebook   : eBlitz Sales

Instagram  : eblitzzimbabwe


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