[Dipleague] COMPUTERS SALES AND REPAIRS, professional service!

0772395807 at econetmail.com 0772395807 at econetmail.com
Fri Aug 9 09:26:32 CAT 2013

we repair laptops and desktop computers professionally
(HP, DELL, Acer, Macbooks, Emachines, Fujistus, Toshibas, Lenovos etc)

-laptops LCDs replacements

-laptops keyboards, chargers and accessories
all desktops accessories

-we also sell brand new and used computers(laptops and desktops)

New Desktop Computers from $350 with 19 inch LCDs
New computers with used LCD/CRTs from $200,00

New Laptops from $450
Used Neat Laptops from $250

we are based in the CBD, and we are flexible

0772395807,0739 230915

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