[Dipleague] Ladies Gold Watch, Neclace and Bracelets

Dave Payne davayne at mango.zw
Mon Aug 19 09:20:06 CAT 2013


Ladies 3 colour Gold Wrist watch - (B. Girrod) from Bond Street Jewellers.
Weight =  36.38 grms. 

Matching Necklet, 3 colour Gold.    Weight =  21.60 grms. 

Matching Bracelet, 3 colour Gold.   Weight =  10.25 grms.

Gate Bracelet with Heart clip. 9 crt. Gold.   Weight = 11.11 grms.

Lovers Knot Solid 9 crt. Gold Bracelet. 


Genuine Offers invited  for one or all items.  { BUT NOT scrap value as
these are to beautiful just to melt down }  They will grace any discerning
Lady and be admired and envied by your friends as they are Exclusive.  The
sale is genuine and a Receipt Provided to the purchaser.


Contact :-  Dave on 0772 218 622 or 498209 {after hours} or E-mail :-
davayne at mango.zw  


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