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Here is a list of great ebooks for sale only $3 per book, call 0772739893 or reply via email or simply sms/WHATSAP. MORE BOOKS TO CHOOSE FROM ARE AVAILABLE AS WELL 

  1.. Cost and Management Accounting 6th edition by Colin Drury 
  2.. Davis W.S. & Yen D.C. - Information System Consultants Handbook Systems Analysis And Design [CRC Press 1999] 
  3.. Thesis Projects- A guide for students in computer science and information systems 
  4.. Langer - Analysis and Design of Information Systems 3e (Springer, 2008) 
  5.. Object-Oriented Analysis and Design Understanding System Development with UML 2.0 
  6.. Logistics_Management_and_Strategy__Competing_Through_The_Supply_Chain__3rd_Edition 
  7.. Mathematics_for_Electrical_Engineering_and_Computing 
  8.. Applied Organizational Communication Theory and Practice in a Global Environment (2007) 
  9.. David Lewis(2007) The Management of Non-Governmental Development Organizations 
  10.. Mathematical Methods for Physics and Engineering 3E (K.F. Riley, M.P. Hobson & S.J. Bence) 
  11.. How To Get Rich (Donald Trump) 
  12.. The_Only_Guide_You_Ever_Need_for_the_Right_Financial_Plan__Managing_Your_Wealth__Risk__and_Investments__Bloomberg 
  13.. Management Information Systems, 8th Edition by James O'Brien 
  14.. Corporate_Records_Handbook__The__Meetings__Minutes__amp__Resolutions__4th_Edition 
  15.. Marketing_in_Travel_and_Tourism__Fourth_Edition 
  16.. Strategic_Management_and_Organisational_Dynamics__5th_Edition_ 
  17.. Management_Information_Systems,_10th Edition 
  18.. Equity Asset valuation 2nd edition  Pinto JE,Henry,E,Robinson, TR & Stowe,D 2010 
  19.. Basic Electrical Installation Work, 5th Edition 
  20.. Business The Richard Branson Way
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