[Dipleague] Mazda Bongo For Sale

F Chikwature fungaichikwature at trinidad.co.zw
Tue Aug 20 08:42:55 CAT 2013

For Sale is a 1999 Mazda Bongo Brawny ,Petrol Engine, Fuel Injection,
Central Locking ,Long Wheelbase, Seats ,158000km 

Asking Price $6500-00


Contact me on the below details or Clive on 0774447593


Fungai Chikwature 
Trinidad Industries (Pvt) Ltd
7 George Avenue, Amby, 
Tel: +263 4 480431/3
Fax: +263 4 486673 
Cell: + 263 73319293

Email:fungaichikwature at trinidad.co.zw
<mailto:fungaichikwature at trinidad.co.zw> 

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