[Dipleague] kitchen utensils, industrial cookware, commercial and home kitchenappliance

List for jan@zol.co.zw jan at zol.co.zw
Tue Aug 20 13:28:24 CAT 2013

we sell all kinds of catering equipment, kitchen equipment,
baking equipment, refrigeration equipment, buffet equipment, such as
stove ,oven,gril,fryer,regrigerator, dish washing machine,dough
sheeter, microwaves, toasters, cookers, mixer,  wine canbinets ,
working top, coffe mchine,and dinning inventory etc. for more
information and orders contact janet on 0773761643 (u can also
whatsapp/sms) or email to gitasansales at gmail.com / janetguta at yahoo.com

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