[Dipleague] Professional Make-up and Nails

Christiaan N. Ndoro Christiaan at tetrad.co.zw
Tue Aug 20 16:20:41 CAT 2013

Full Bridal Package which includes:                                           $70
                Test Make-up
                Artificial eyelashes
                Transport fee
                Make up on the day

Basic Event Make-up                                                                      $20
Natural                                                                                                 $15
Acrylic                                                                                                   $20
Gel                                                                                                         $25
Silk Wrap                                                                                             $15
Re-fills                                                                                                  $10
Acrylic removal                                                                                 $5
Gel removal                                                                                       $8

Natural                                                                                                 $20
Added decorative stickers                                                           $0.50

Artificial eyelashes*                                                                        $15
Eyebrow shaping                                                                             $5

*The price listed above includes the provision of the artificial eyelashes. If you would like to use artificial eyelashes which you have purchased yourself, then we can apply them on for $5

We can come to your residence to carry out any of the above treatments and this will be an additional charge of USD15 for transport.

Contact us:
Rose - 077 100 8135 / Pamela - 077 552 7556
Ice Mango
117 Bishop Gaul Avenue, Kensington, Harare

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