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Construction Project Management System (OaSys CPMS) is a
tool designed to
assist in the complete life
cycle development of your construction projects. 
OaSys CPMS is ideal for
construction companies, land developers, architects, homebuilders,
project managers, building owners,
construction managers and general contractors

CPMS allows you to manage project resource allocation, monitor overall project
status, track progress and costs for each unit under development. It helps you
project performance against budget, manage customers, contractor
services and valuations.

	The software will help project
managers working on construction projects to manage,
track and trace every item
that goes into the build. 

	Contact Our Sales Team on 04 796140/796386 or 0772 325 760  or 0772292 465 or Email:
 [mailto:solutions at fortified.co.zw]solutions at fortified.co.zw 

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