[Dipleague] GLENS REMOVALS - Household, office relocation and export packing specialists etc

Glens Sales sales2 at glens.co.zw
Wed Aug 21 10:20:50 CAT 2013

Thinking of Relocating, think GLENS REMOVALS  specialists in
*Door-to-door relocations( Local household moves within Harare)
*Office relocations
*Regional relocations (RSA, Zambia,Mozambique, Malawi,Botswana amongst others)
*International relocations
*Packing and crating of household goods & special crafts.
*Vehicle storage
*Bonded warehousing
*Clearing and forwarding

Do not stress contact the best GLENS REMOVALS

Rosemary Malunga
Moving consultant
sales2 at glens.co.zw
0777 401 590
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