[Dipleague] ---Brand your car easily with magnetic car stickers!!! Advertise your company on the GO!!!

Media advantagemedia at zol.co.zw
Wed Aug 21 10:54:43 CAT 2013

  Advertise your business while on the go with a set of car magnets. 
For less than $60, you can now get a pair of custom magnetic signs for 
your personal car. That has got to be one of the best overall 
advertising bargains on the planet!  You simply just stick them on, 
remove them and store them then use them again when the need arises!! 
Why don't you give your company a corporate and professional look? 
Kilometre after kilometre, day after day, your new magnetic signs will 
automatically ...

   * Brand your business easily and cheaply
   * Create greater name recognition and recall
   * And automatically attract new clients by actively promoting your services!

Contact our sales team for more information.

Advantage Media P/L
visit carmagnet.webs.com for pictures and more information

Turn your personal car into a moving billboard! What are you waiting 
for? Get in touch now!


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