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  Open for registration from 2 and a half years - grade 0 (only limited places

Living Faith Day Care is committed to providing learning experiences 
for each child in preparation for early success and school readiness. 
Living Faith Day Care provides a learning environment that supports 
children to develop the strengths and skills necessary for them to 
construct their own knowledge and prepare them for their next school 


Guided by high expectations coupled with the knowledge that all 
children learn at different levels and speeds, our preschool staff will 
provide students with a broad range of educational & fun opportunities 
that will help each child learn to the best of his or her abilities.
We will strive to develop literacy skills as well as provide 
experiences that enrich each child's social, emotional, physical, 
cognitive, intellectual, and creative abilities.

Children will have a safe, wholesome, nurturing educational experience.
Children will be in a safe learning environment in which children can 
solve problems and express their feelings through words, art and other 
creative areas.
Children will be exposed to positive character lessons and experiences, 
used to help shape them into successful members of a social world.

Parents are an integral part of the educational process. In recognition 
of this important role, parent involvement is actively sought, 
encouraged and welcomed.

Students will enter kindergarten with the necessary skills to promote 
lifelong learning.

Transport available
School Fees : USD70.00 excluding transport

call:0734503942/ 071 3984596/
email: [1]livingfaith at zol.co.zw/ livingfaith.juniorschool at gmail.com


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